Tiffany & Travis

May 26, 2019Wichita, KS

Our Story
How it all began...

Travis and I met through our mutual friend Reece. We seemed to have an immediate attraction but took some time to get to know each other. Travis unexpectedly showed up at my Birthday party and things seemed to progress quickly from that point. We began going on dates, lounging by the pool, making dinners, hiking, and soon started planning vacations. I knew he was the one when Bruno began liking him more than me! We recently bought and remodeled our new house. Travis and I are so happy we met each other and can’t wait to celebrate our big day!!! Thank you for taking time to look at our website and we hope you are able to attend our wedding.

The Wedding

Sunday, May 26, 2019
4:30 PM
Attire: Cocktail
701 Amidon Street
YaYa's Euro Bistro
8115 East 21st Street North, Wichita, Kansas

Transportation will be available from Hilton Garden Inn to Ceremony at Botanica and to reception at Ya Ya's

Other Events

Rehersal (For Wedding Party)
Friday, May 24, 2019
5:00 PM
Botanica Garden Of Wichita
701 Amidon St, Wichita, KS 67203, USA
Grooms Dinner (For Wedding Party)
Friday, May 24, 2019
6:00 PM
Scotch & Sirloin
5325 E Kellogg Dr, Wichita, KS 67218, USA
Wedding Party

Ashley Beck (Aka Ashers) - Matron of Honor

Ashley is my Aunt and someone I have always looked up to. Growing up we were more like sisters and were always on an adventure with my Grandpa/ Ashley's dad. My grandfather bought her a golf cart when we were young. We thought this was so exciting! One could say that Ashley has somewhat of a lead foot... One day when Ashley was driving the golf cart, I must have not been paying much attention, because the next thing I know I was flung out of the golf cart. Luckily, I was ok:) I love her so much and hope she knows how special she is to me. She lives in Overland Park, KS with her ornery husband Joe Beck and has two adorable children Vivian and Theodore. They also have 3 cats and one dog named Romnie. I am honored to have her next to me on our big day!

Kathleen Schaddel - Maid of Honor

Katie is one of my first friends I met when I moved to Arizona. We were in an office waiting to sell our products to the doctors. We had both moved to Arizona around the same time and at the time I didn't realize how much I needed a best friend. We began hanging out, going to work out classes, and soon you could pretty much say we were inseparable. Katie is someone I always turns to for advice, personally and professionally. She is one of the smartest, funniest, wittiest people I know and I am so thankful to have her in my life. Katie now lives in San Diego, CA with her Fiancé Matt and dog Benji. I love her so much and am honored to have her by my side on our day.

Christine Koehn (Aka Stiny) - Bridesmaid

Christine is one of my childhood friends. We have been best friends since 6th grade and still kickin' it! Some of my favorite memories with Christine are being pommies together in high school, laying out by her pool every day during the summer, doing her mom's 80s work out videos in the living room, and sitting in one of our bedrooms talking, laughing, and listening to music for hours. She truly has a heart of gold and is beautiful inside and out! Christine lives in Wichita, KS with her sweet husband Chad and 4 precious children Alex, Maddison, Abigail, and Peyton. I could not be more excited to have her stand with us on our special day!

Courtney Sturm - Bridesmaid

Courtney is my BFF since 6th grade. We met on the first day of middle school and instantly had a strong connection. Courtney brings the carefree fun side out of me. She can entertain a room and make anyone smile. My best memories with Courtney were pommies, roller blading, sneaking out, visiting her every year when she lived in New York, ski trips with my dad, and laughing uncontrollably. No matter how far we are apart, we always pick up right where we left off. Courtney is a yoga teacher who recently moved to Missouri with her boyfriend Kyle. I can't imagine saying "I do" with out her next to me. So happy to have her with us on our day. :)

McKenzie Wollin - Bridesmaid

McKenzie and I met while taking dance classes in high school. We both went to KU where McKenzie's motherly instincts kicked in and helped me adjust to living outside of home. Some of my best memories with her are driving around Lawrence listing to music, shopping for the best deals, being promo girls together, cheering on KU basketball, tailgating for KU football, and spending time together talking with our puppies. We lived together for a short time and we dominated the saying, "work hard, play harder." McKenzie now lives in Dallas, TX with her husband Dave and precious daughter Finley. Their pups are Lexi and London. We are so happy to have her be part of our day!

Mary Peyton Prospere (Aka Keibler) - Bridesmaid

Peyton and I met freshman year and lived on the same floor in the dorms. We would laugh until we cried and still do. Some of my favorite things about Peyton are that she still sleeps with Mr. Bear, loves candy and goldfish more than anyone I know. She is genuine, loyal, and has great fashion. We have remained friends through thick & thin, near & far! Peyton lives in Santa Monica, CA with her fiancé, Sam and cat, Tootsie. Travis and I are so excited to have her be part of our day!

Kelsey Jackson - Bridesmaid

Kelsey is Travis's sister and one of the kindest people you will ever meet. She is a free spirit who is always up for an adventure. Kelsey is laid back and accepting of everyone. I knew Kelsey and I had a connection when she came to visit us in Arizona for the first time and agreed to dress up as zombies with us for Halloween! One of my favorite things about Kelsey is that she always takes my side over Travis's. I also love our strong desire to play games and win! She currently lives in Telluride, CO with her boyfriend, Andrew and cat. I can't wait to call her my sister and thankful she is part of our day!

Maggie Jackson - Bridesmaid

Maggie is Travis's sister and super sweet to be around. She was the first person from his family to add me as a friend on Facebook, and I felt so special. I know how much Travis cares about his sisters so having her acceptance is very important to me. Maggie has wonderful energy, fun loving, and seriously looks beautiful in any hair color. I really like the story of when their mom asked Maggie when she was in grade school if she would rather get a new washer and dryer or go to Disney World with the family. She chose the washer and dryer and said if the whole family doesn't go to Disney World, we could probably get some new pots and pans too. Maggie lives in Minneapolis with her boyfriend, Billy and cat. I can't wait to call her my sister and thankful she is part of our day.

Katie Jackson - Bridesmaid

Katie is Travis's sister-in-law married to Jeff. The first time I went to Minnesota to meet Travis's family, she went out of her way to make sure I felt welcome. She told me how happy she was to meet one of Travis's girlfriends and that Sue (Travis's mom) was so thankful we came home to Minnesota for Christmas. I love when we get together and play games! We both love to win! She is also mommy to our beautiful flower girl, Hazel! I am so excited to become her sister-in-law and have her be a part of our day!

Vivian Beck - Flower Girl

Vivian is my beautiful God daughter. She is also the Matron of Honor, Ashley's, daughter and sister to Theo, the Ringbearer.

Hazel Jackson - Flower Girl

Hazel is Travis's adorable niece. She is also the daughter of Bridesmaid, Katie and Best man, Jeff.

Nadine De Nicola- Reader

Travis and I first met Nadine at the pool when we all lived in the same apartment complex in Arizona. We quickly began cooking dinners together and planning game nights within the apartment. Nadine is someone that I turn to for interior decorating advice as I think she truly has a gift to decide "what looks best." Nadine helped us move, paint, clean - and was always good at telling me when I needed to relax and that everything would work out just fine. Today, we still have our weekly "family dinners", game nights and Sunday football days where Travis threatens to throw her in the pool when the Packers win. We appreciate her support and are so happy she will be reading at our wedding. And Travis says, "GO PACK GO is the worst chant ever!"

Kathy Sweeney- Reader

Kathy and I met in high school but didn't become really good friends until I moved back to Wichita. We became such good friends that I decided to buy a house three doors down from her. A few of my favorite memories with Kathy are taking our puppies on walks with red solo cups full of wine, spending time at her lake house in Eureka, arts and crafts, and going to KU games together. Kathy is a loyal friend I am very lucky to have. She lives in Wichita with her fun loving boyfriend Jimmy and Sundog. I am so happy to have her be part of our day!

Reece Lowry- Officiant

Travis and I both became friends with Reece at separate times. He is the most unselfish person I have ever met. He goes out of his way for us on a regular basis. This website would have not been made without Reece. :) We love making dinners, having game night, going to movies, and talking to him while Travis watches sports. I asked Reece to be our officiant before Travis even proposed. We could not be happier to have someone, that knows us so well, marry us. Thank you.

Jeffrey Jackson - Best Man

I first met Jeff in January of 1988. I don't remember much about the early years... I think that's a sign we had a lot fun. Jeff has always been a great older brother and taken care of me throughout my life. Everything from guiding me to bus stops, providing me lunch money when I'd forget, showing me how to forge my parents signature and allowing me to live at his house basically rent free during collage summers. He hardly ever asks anything of me while giving me so much, I couldn't be happier to have him stand up with us on our wedding day.

Brian Anderson (Aka BA) - Groomsman

I met Brian through youth hockey but became great friends in high school and lived with him in college. While playing many high school sports with BA, I also spent a lot of time at lake Anderson in the summers(AKA his parents pool) and even more in the winters playing pond hockey at the park. His whole family always welcomed our friends in. His witty humor is endless entertainment. I am excited he'll be standing with us on our wedding day and look forward to the degenerate golf bets he'll certainly throw out in the future.

Jordan Kirschner (AKA Kirsch) - Groomsman

I first met Jordan in college. We actually ended up meeting because two of our other friends were arguing. While the other two settled their differences we started talking. We realized we had several other mutual friends and ended up hanging out a lot. We lived together during and after college, winning several men's league hockey and softball championships together. Jordan is one of the most fun guys I've every been around, he is always happy and always brings the party. I'm excited to have him stand with us on our wedding day.

Michael Schmidt (Aka Herman or Mtrain) - Groomsman

Mike was the "athlete" one in our group of friends and has been one of my best friends for years. In high school, when we really became close, He was the kind of guy that was the best player in every sport on every team, good grades and had every teacher in school fooled. We used to play knee hockey in his basement all the time. Sometimes those games turned in to wrestling matches. My idea of winning a wrestling match against him was surviving 10 seconds before tapping out. Back then he was 5'9" and lightning fast and I was 5'2", snail slow, and chirped like a canary which turns out is a terrible combination. Aside from all that Mike is one of the most genuine people I know. Countless times he's put me and others before himself. I'm excited to have him stand with us on our day and to do the same for him on his wedding day in June '19.

James Olmscheid (Aka Olmer) - Groomsman

I met James in youth hockey and we have been great friends every since. We lived together in college and had as much fun as anyone could during those high school and college years. He's a perfectionist who knows how to let loose and have a great time. In college he'd keep me out at the bar until close and wake me up the next morning at 9 am demanding I do my fair share of clean up. If I refused he would turn the vacuum cleaner on outside my bedroom door until I obliged. His sarcastic humor is really top notch. I'm excited to have him stand with us during our day. Also, Congratulations to James and wife Andrea who are expecting their first child in spring of 2019.

Andrew Russell (Aka Rusty) - Groomsman

I met Andrew so long ago I don't even remember how or when it happened, he's always just been there. Since maybe 5 or 6 years old I have been spending time with the Russell family. We played all kinds of sports together, his dad being the coach of many of my youth hockey teams. We have been great friends who would go golfing or ride our bikes around the neighborhood just to see what we could get into. Through out the years we remain in close contact despite not living in the same state for +10 years. Andrew is one of those close friends I've really gone through all of life with so naturally I'm thrilled he'll stand with us on our day. He's a great guy and a new father with his awesome wife Shayla but his move to Wisconsin(along with Shayla's peer pressure) has converted him into a die hard packers fan, so I guess its true, no one is perfect. SKOL!

Frank Rush (Aka Franchise) - Groomsman

I met Frank in college. We were friends since day 1. In school we would cram for tests together and celebrate afterward. He and I can talk for hours on several subjects with out even realizing any time as passed. We've spent more time in a casino together then I would ever like to admit. When it comes to solving a problem he's one of the best, his fast thinking skills have kept us out of many sticky situations. He also enjoys a good debate at any moment. Sometimes he'll argue against what he really believes just to try and win both sides of a disagreement. He's also a truly genuine guy who would do anything for others. I'm excited to have him stand with us on our day.

Michael Bailey (Aka Bails) - Groomsman

Michael and I met when he moved to St. Cloud during high school. He was the "new" guy in town and all of the girls liked him so naturally I was excited to hang out with him. Bails is one of the funniest and kindest guys I've ever met, he goes out of his way to help his friends all the time. Even now whenever I tell him I'm coming back to town he'll always offer a ride or offer to help anyway he can. Way back in high school he used to bring my hockey skates home and air dry them before games because he didn't want them to be frozen/water logged for the 1st period and he knew I left my equipment in the car. Practices before a game he would grab them from my bag and say "I got these, you need every step you can get when we try to break that puck out tomorrow." I don't think I have ever met someone who didn't like Bails. Fun fact he's the only one of my friends who sends me hand written birthday cards. I'm really glad his family moved to St. Cloud and I'm happy he will stand up with us on our day.

Alex Trigg - Groomsman

I met Alex in middle school and we've been friends ever since. He's the most adventurous of my friends. Way back in middle school I remember him smiling and explaining that his broken arm (a compound fracture) wasn't all that bad after he had fallen on his BMX bike. Or him smiling again 10 years later when he fell on his road bike and broke his leg and again explain that being laid up in the living room all summer isn't all that bad. No matter the situation Alex is always smiling and making the best of it. His yearly ski and hunting trips are always a blast. Alex is the kind of guy who will drop everything to help a friend out. I am excited he will be with us on our day.

Jamie Christensen (aka Raffie) - Usher

Jamie I met in high school. They used to used to call him soda (like soda pop) because he was part of the popular crowd. Now we call him Raffie McNasty because he resembles a baby giraffe when trying to swing a golf club. Jamie was a basketball player who loved to gamble and we've played a lot of poker together through out the years. Jamie has and endlessly entertaining personality and he just loves to talk trash. I love the creativity he brings to the table, especially when it's not directed at me. Jamie and his wonderful wife Carrie had twins last year; even mornings after he had no sleep he would call me at 8 am with the same fun loving excitement as always. He's one of my closest friends and one of the greatest people I've ever met. I'm excited he'll be there with us on our day.

Jeremey Streit - Usher

I met Jeremy playing hockey growing up and we also attended SJU together. Jeremy grew up in Sauk Rapids and was a rival against most of my sports teams growing up. After high school we began hanging out a lot together. He moved away to Iowa after college but decided to move down to Arizona when I was moving too. Jeremy is a fun loving sports fanatic. We've had a lot of fun playing golf and cheering on the Vikings down in AZ. Sadly his career is moving him to California and Arizona is a little less purple. I couldn't be more excited to have him with us on our day. Doooodooooo SKOL!

Elliot Russell (Aka Quaggs, giggity) - Usher

Elliot is Andrews younger brother and I don't remember first meeting him either. Elliot and I played on several teams together growing up and we spent many weekends biking around the neighborhood together. As we aged we continued to golf, hunt and fish together. Elliot's sense of one line humor baffles me every time. A couple of my favorites are (fishing) "You know, I can only bring you to the fish... I can not make them bite your hook; for you though Trav, I'll even take them off." (golfing) "Trav, do you breathe in or breathe out before you putt? I'd decide that before you hit this next one...Good luck though!" After Andrew moved away from Minnesota, Elliot and I continued the fun, living together for a couple years after college. Elliot is an easy going fun loving guy and has been one of my best friends forever. I couldn't be more excited that he'll be with us on our day.

Theodore Beck - Ring Bearer

Theodore is Tiffany's handsome second cousin. He is also the Matron of Honor Ashley's son and brother to Vivian, the flower girl.